Arteffects, films that spark

The name Arteffects came to be because it describes the moments we want to capture. Moments that give anyone a spark in their eye. 14 years later we’re still looking to create that spark in all of our work.

Bringing stories to life since 2009

It was 2009, the moment before some very big changes in the film industry. Victor had an interest in storytelling and Robert had a passion for cinematography. Together, they had an even bigger passion for conveying emotions. This led to the creation of Arteffects. Given that they were both students at the time, they had a lot of space to explore and experiment with film. They started off strong, and things went well—so well, in fact, that Arteffects kept growing. In 2012, Paul joined the company to improve and manage everything effectively. And thus, we continued to grow, and that’s what we aim to keep doing!

Despite our growth, our values have remained the same. Our belief that you have a story to tell and our passion for cinematography still form the core of every project. We now have all disciplines under one roof and, as part of East Agency, we are capable of enriching our films with VFX, 2D, and 3D animation.


From start to finish, we can handle everything to turn your story into a beautiful film. And it all begins with your story. During a kick-off meeting, we discuss your needs and desires. After our quotation process, we start working on a concept. How do we effectively translate your story onto the screen? Based on our concept, aligned with your input, we create a visual script. This allows our producers to start working on pre-production. We take care of everything from the call sheet and crew to extras and locations. Then, the filming takes place, often the highlight of the process for both us and you! With our crew, we capture our vision on camera. Finally, we move into post-production. We edit the footage, handle color grading, and work on sound. We incorporate your final feedback, and the film is ready to be used!



For us, the process is just as important as the outcome because the process directly influences the result. Our passion shines through in our interactions with the people we work with. Whether it’s the initial meeting, the filmmaking process, or the viewing of the final result, we share that passion. We enjoy working closely with our partners and guiding them through this journey together.


In addition to hard work, we also have a lot of fun together! From innovative meetings and social gatherings to outings and lively birthday celebrations, we believe it’s crucial that we all have a good time. Creating a welcoming atmosphere for our colleagues and partners is something we value greatly and derive energy from.

So, we invite you to come and experience the atmosphere for yourself! Feel free to visit us and see firsthand what we’re all about.


Michael was present in 2008 when Arteffects was founded. In 2020, we bid farewell to him with great sadness. His spirit and soul live on within us. For example, we still have the logo he designed, which we are proud of!

Our shoots for the Bridge to Liberation are a spectacular event every year. Going back in time always leads to an exciting production and an amazing end result.

In 2022, we launched East Agency. This was celebrated with our friends and families of course!

In addition to our core team, we also have a network of freelancers with whom we have excellent collaborations.

Christmas party 2021: Cheers!

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