Bridge to Liberation – VFX

VFX and live action


Since 2013, we have been collaborating annually with the Bridge to Liberation Foundation and JMT on the commemoration of the Battle of Arnhem and Operation Market Garden. We conduct research on the characters, write the story, and, together with Alvin Williams from JMT, lay the foundation for the show. The storytelling process always involves collaboration with Nazmiye Oral. And then comes the most exciting part – the filming itself. Each year, the direction we take depends on the story we aim to tell. However, when it evolves into a full-fledged feature film, a fire ignites in the hearts of our filmmakers. While we have learned how to film with historical accuracy, not everything is feasible. Some aspects cannot be captured on camera. Therefore, we gladly enlist the help of Supermassive to enhance our live-action footage with visual effects. Suddenly, everything becomes possible.

In 2020, we took a completely different approach to storytelling. A presenter positioned right in the middle of the set, immersing you as a storyteller in the atmosphere and narrative. With Francis Broekhuijsen, we couldn’t have chosen a better actor and presenter. Everything was recorded live, no trickery involved. However, there is indeed the use of Visual Effects (VFX) here. It was live projected and executed, enhancing the experience in a unique way.

The combination of VFX and on-set lighting is beautifully showcased in this film.

In the climactic film of 2019, tanks drive on the John Frost Bridge. This requires a significant permit, which Supermassive managed to obtain. We were also able to enhance the view of the parachutist.

In 2018, we set up a field full of gravestones.

Telling a story that truly resonates, that’s something you can trust Francis with, but the visual support from Supermassive brings it even more to life. It’s like he’s walking through a children’s book.

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