HU Story – Jericho

Visual storytelling
  • Client Hogeschool Utrecht
  • Account manager Marieke Cillessen
  • Producer Carmen Benneker
  • Creative Director Victor van Vloten
  • Director Klaas Arie Westland
  • D.O.P. Jelmer van Son

We create Stories for HU to make socially relevant research visible and to encourage researchers, students, and collaborative partners to think outside the box, fostering inspiration.

For this particular story, we embarked on a journey to Jericho. Here, a project is underway, teaching Palestinian youth to connect with and understand their environment. It empowers them to recognize the uniqueness of their surroundings and to feel a sense of attachment. This project serves a purpose: it helps them develop a vision for the past, present, and future of their environment. It encourages them to contemplate how they can contribute positively. Youth who engage in meaningful ways with their environment can make a significant difference anywhere in the world.

Through our urgent film, we aim to provoke thought and captivate attention. Why is this project essential, and why should you delve deeper into it?


In the ‘What’ film, we showcase the solution.


In the ‘how’ film, we clarify who played which role and how the entire project was conceived and executed.


In the ‘future’ film, the vision is addressed. What are the dreams? What are the opportunities? Who or what is needed to further expand and grow?

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